Air Force GI Joe
Jan 22 2010

Welp i know its been a while since i have posted. But i just haven’t had time! And i’ve not had ready access to the internet.

But anyway… things are going good for the most part. I have been made the site lead for my task order to be effective on the 1st of Feb.

This will add to my work load but will not add to my pay check :)

anyway not much else to write about.

I have been getting on skype with the kids and Dondra as much as possible.

I’m still living in a tent with 120 of my closest friends :0 but that should change no later that the 15th of Feb…. if i can hold out that long. man there are some rude people in the tents.. im tring to sleep during the  day(because i work nights) and people are playing movies on their laptops and talking and laughing loud… i think i only got about 4 hrs of sleep last night.. oh well.

i have posted some pics on Picasa if you want to go look. just started using it so im not real sure how it all works yet.



04 December 2009

Well not really much to blog about today.

Its been cooler and raining here in Bagram today. I hear they are calling for a chance of snow, and that would be ok with me :)

Internet has been kind of hit or miss lately. but today it seems to be working good. Im using a wireless account but hopefully soon i’ll get into a B-hut and will be able to have a wired account. should be more reliable and secure.

So far so good. I miss the kids, and Dondra like crazy… and of course the rest of my family and friends :)

I get to talk on Skype every so often and hopefully this Sat night i’ll get to see the kids. Michelle is letting Dondra take the kids to church and to eat afterwards. then hopefully to dondras house to make a skype call :)

well guess thats it for now.

Still can’t upload pics or send pics… network connection is to slow. but i will keep trying.

30 November 2009

Ok.. i got to get on Skype and talk to the kids for a while on Thanksgiving and also talk to all the family that was up at grandma’s in Huntsville.

Other than that is just normal stuff. We got some rain and snow on the mnts the other day but it has seemed to clear up. No rain for several days now, but they are calling for rain and snow tomorrow.

Using Skype has made it easier for Dondra and I to see each other and talk to each other but i think it makes it harder to in some aspects. But i would rather have it this way than not at all.

I thank God for my family and friends who support me and love me and pray for me all the time.

I know im in the middle of a war zone and i hear a lot of stuff from the guys who actually go outside the wire but this place is really so beautiful. Just being surrounded by snow covered mountains. And knowing that God made this all and he is in control even when it all seems out of control.

Trying to load pics is going very slow.. this wireless connection is so bad and slow I think I will have to wait until i get into a B-hut and get a ethernet connection before I will be able to get anything to upload or email.

25 November 2009

Welp i know its been a while since my last post but its hard to get to the internet here. I have to walk about 3/4 of a mile with my laptop to get to the WI-FI hotspot.. then you have to find an open table.. its not easy. and after 12 hrs of work on nights im not usually in much of a mood to do it. but i will try to update more.

I have also taken a few pics of the tent and stuff and will try to take more an upload those when i get a chance.

Ok… the tents are getting crazy… they are packed and as soon as one person moves out another moves in. My bunk got wet last night because of the rain and the tent leaks :(

but i think i got it all taken care of now. We will see.

it has officially started the rainy and snowy season here.. i hope im ready for this.

I miss the kids and Dondra so much.

Can’t wait to get home for my mid tour leave. guess i need to start working on that huh.

16 November 2009

Welp I spent another sleepless night. My sleep schedule is so messed up right now it’s not even funny. But I do have to say that I feel rested… we will see how the rest of the day goes.

I got up and showered and shaved this morning in a 2 story facility that we called cadilacs when I was at Balad AB in Iraq not sure what they are called here. But it wasn’t to bad. On top are the showers, 4 stalls then underneath is the latrine part….. hey it beats an out house J

Got to meet my site lead and some others this morning at 0830 to eat breakfast and go to our area and get shown around and introduced around. Not sure what the rest of the day holds. I do know that I will be on night shift which runs from 2100 hrs to 0900 hrs 7 days a week. But it does seem to be real relaxed from what JT (my site lead) and Mike (lead SA on days) have been telling me.

15 November 2009

Arrived at Bagram AB in Afghanistan around 11:30 am local time. We walked off the tarmac to the PAX terminal and surrendered our CAC’s to the Contractor control point for them to in process us.

After waiting for about an hr I received my CAC back and proceeded out the door to collect my checked baggage. I then placed a call to my site lead and was picked up and showed around the base. I checked in to billeting and was assigned a transient tent because there are no B-huts available. The transient tents are supposed to be used for people who are either just transferring thru Bagram or for those who are here and are headed to R/R or back home for good. But due to space issues they are being used for permanent housing until other facilities are available.

I also completed my paperwork to receive my NIPR and SIPR accounts at the helpdesk. Accounts should be built this morning and I should be able to access my accounts. I also received my controlled access badge for the area I will be working in. it appears that I will be working in a location that is also being shared by other “agencies” this should be cool.

The Twitch Comes with the Job!!

Just loaded the iPhone app for tumblr. Still very green at this only got my tumblr account last night after hearing a great presentation at central Arkansas refresh meeting.